Staffing & Hiring

When it comes to staffing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all agencies. That's why Big I Michigan offers a variety of resources to members.


Marketing Resources

Big I Hires

Tools for hands-on hiring.

Created by our national association (the Big "I"), Big “I” Hires℠ allows members to post job offers to multiple job boards with one submission, receive candidate resumes and organize in hiring stages, send candidates assessments to predict job performance, then identify and hire the right fit.


Work at Home Vintage Experts


Remote insurance-specific staffing assistance. 

WAHVE matches insurance businesses (both agencies and companies) with pre-tiring professionals so that businesses get highly skilled workers with the exact talent they need and experienced workers get to continue their careers working from home. Visit the WAHVE website or contact WAHVE and tell them you’re a member of Big I Michigan to receive a special rate.